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Next Media Group, Inc. eSurvey Quantifies New Dentists’ Interest in Additional Training and Career Progression

MAHWAH, July 14, 2016. According to new findings from the 2016 Graduating Dental Student Survey, dental students recognize that running a successful dental practice requires a lifelong approach to professional development and additional training that continues after their graduation. When asked about their readiness to practice independently, the majority (64%) of respondents said they would need three to four years post-graduation before they felt equipped to manage their own practices. Notably, 60% percent of respondents expressed a desire for mentorship in order to further hone their skills, and only 27% were confident enough to perform independently within a practice immediately following graduating.



“These data points reflect what we’re hearing from our user community,” said Stephen E. Sweeney, Chairman, Next Media Group, Inc. “As students ready for that important transition into the profession, they are interested in opportunities to continue developing their chairside skills and their business acumen—particularly through digital education and their mobile devices.”


The report, released today, is the latest set of eSurvey findings from the Next Media Group. By crowdsourcing dental students and recent graduates’ attitudes and perceptions through its THE NEXTDDS platform, the Company has a unique point of access to the future of the profession. Its ability to collect and parse data in virtually ‘real time’ yields valuable business intelligence for academicians and industry professionals alike.

Preferences for Digital and Opportunities for Professional Development
The 2016 graduates felt that “digital” was among the most effective methods of preparing for licensure, exchanging information, peer-to-peer communication, and learning new aspects of their future profession. Other notable findings of the eSurvey included:

• Only 21% of respondents rated their school’s use of eLearning as “good” or “extensive”.
• Over 85% of survey participants agreed that instructional videos and treatment animations helped in comprehension and/or visualization of clinical concepts and outcomes.
• Associateship in a dental-supported organization (DSO) practice was the career path for 13.6% of all survey respondents.

Additionally, more than 60% of respondents ranked finding employment and managing school debt as their top two concerns postgraduation. In similar eSurveys conducted by Next Media Group, student users of THE NEXTDDS ranked the need for skills development as the #2 concern, even before managing school debt.

The 2016 Graduating Dental Student Survey
The Graduating Dental Student Survey is conducted by Next Media Group annually among graduates using THE NEXTDDS platform. Participants include a cross-section of dental students by gender, ethnicity, and type of university, and their responses are invited through a combination of digital activities leveraging both email and social media.

eSurvey questions are reviewed by THE NEXTDDS student users, industry professionals, and university faculty to ensure their validity, consistency, and relevance. The eSurvey requests that graduates rate their experiences during dental school training, quantify their exposure to digital in the classroom and clinic, and share their preferences and expectations towards the relevant issues facing the future of dentistry.

About Next Media Group
Founded in 2010, Next Media Group, Inc., has emerged as a leader in digital education by connecting healthcare professionals through intelligent digital, social and mobile solutions. The sophisticated platforms of Next Media Group transform learning and ignite community development. Next Media Group continues its pioneering work in eLearning through THE NEXTDDS web portal, a unique educational resource serving as an adjunct to the university training of more than 15,000 dental students, and its platform (Q1 2017).

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Next Media Group
Founded in 2010, Next Media Group, Inc. has emerged as a leader in digital education by connecting healthcare professionals through intelligent digital, social, and mobile platforms. The Company’s solutions transform learning and ignite community development.

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