An Optimal Oral Care Regimen

The importance of a brush, floss, rinse regimen to one’s oral health has been often discussed in the professional literature. In fact, according to researchers, nearly 47% of U.S. adults (70% aged 65 and older) have periodontitis[1], and it is well acknowledged among American Academy of Periodontology members and dental healthcare professionals (DHCPs) that patient compliance with home care procedures is critical to optimal health.


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Dental professionals play a critical role in reinforcing this message with their patients, and Next Media Group was recently commissioned to develop a series of interactive presentation tools to support this exchange. Leveraging the intuitive, gesture-based interface of the Apple iPad, NMG created a dynamic Keynote presentation that allowed the user to tap, swipe, and pinch his or her way through a valuable background on the progression of periodontal disease, discussion of factors limiting patient compliance, and scientifically supported research advocating the role of an integrated brush-floss-rinse regimen for improving patient oral health.


The interactive tool included insight into the research presented, delivered through videos of the DHCPs who pioneered research of the regimen. It also included animated clinical vignettes demonstrating patient oral hygiene procedures and dynamically displayed bar charts presenting the supporting research. A unique engagement tool included within the presentation enabled the users to select research data from any region of the mouth (e.g., interproximal, marginal, maxillary, mandibular) and to display the level of oral health improvement achieved when the patient brushed, used a brush-floss approach, or followed the entire brush-floss-rinse regimen. This tool set served an important educational role, as results customized to the interest of the viewer—whether patient or professional—could be displayed.

Next Media Group adapted the user interface and intuitive navigation of the interactive tablet presentation for display in supporting literature and professionally composed videos used for training of educators and dental healthcare professionals. The technology infrastructure and the scientific content of the interactive program were further leveraged in development of an iOS App featuring the combined oral health protocol and Apple’s SDK technology backbone.

The user experience and dialogue fostered through the final interactive presentation empowered healthcare professionals to come at the data in a new way and to engage more effectively in patient oral health instructions.


[1] Eke PI, Dye BA, Wei L, et al. Relevance of periodontitis in adults in the United States: 2009 and 2010. J Dent Res 2012;91(10):914-920.

Rich Groves


Rich Groves
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